Funding Your business purchase

In many ways buying a business is similar to buying a house and in particular sorting out a mortgage to enable you to complete the purchase is of vital importance.

Banks attitude to lending for business acquisition is changing all the time, in pre-recession times most banks applied the same criteria. That is not the case these days, and that is why it is so important to have access to a wide variety of possible lenders.

Apart from the more obvious high street banks there are also smaller specialist lenders who can often offer options that are not widely available.

Lenders will consider the business history and accounts of the business you are considering buying, they will also want to know about relevant experience of the proposed purchasers and their plans for the future.

Cornerstone’s business finance advisers work with a wide variety of lenders and have access to funders who can only be approached through intermediaries.

When should you obtain advice on business funding?

We advise that prospective business buyers obtain advice on funding options as early as possible.

Our finance advisers are happy to discuss the level of lending that could be available, typical rates and loan terms and give information on what information will be required by lenders.

Business owners are impressed if a potential buyer has funding arrangements pre-arranged and it can save a lot of time – and money.

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We are happy to arrange funding for business purchase whether the business is being sold by Cornerstone Business Agents or any other agent.

We can also arrange finance for existing business owners looking for a more advantageous funding package.

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