Scotland’s specialist business sales agents

Offering a fresh, modern approach to business sales based on years of experience and a passion for offering great service to our clients.

Cornerstone Business Agents was founded in 2008 by one of Scotland most experienced business sales agents. The company is now ran by three directors who can offer over 50 years combined experience of selling businesses in Scotland.

Each sale is personally handled from valuation to completion by one of our directors assisted by our business sales team.

Business owners wishing to sell their business can rest assured that their sale will be handled in a professional manner. Each marketing strategy is individually created to ensure that businesses are presented as attractively and as widely as possible to prospective purchasers.



Derek Burgoyne

Derek Burgoyne Director

Cornerstone Business Agents was co founded in 2008 by Derek who has been selling businesses in Scotland since 1985. Derek began his career with national business sales agents Christie & Co having formerly worked in commercial finance. He went on to launch Bruce & Co in 1988 and developed the company until 2006 when he and his fellow director sold the company to a national PLC business sales company.

Cornerstone Business Agents was launched in 2008 by Derek and his then fellow director Gordon Mair. The aim of Cornerstone was to offer a bespoke business sales service to business owners, combining traditional sales agency methods with the very latest technology and to offer a very individual and personal service when they decide to sell their business.

"I see Cornerstone as a boutique style agency. Our aim is to offer a very different and personal level of service to our clients than is available from other companies. The service we offer reflects the vast experience our directors have of selling businesses and is the type of service I would look for if I were selling a business."

    David Higgins

    David Higgins Director

    David joined Cornerstone from a large national PLC business sales company. He is an expert in retail and catering business sales and has also dealt with the sales of a wide variety of other types of businesses. Another of David's strengths is his experience of owning and running his own retail business giving an insight into the operational running and issues that clients face on a day to day basis that many other agents will not have experience of. David is passionate about offering a quality service to his clients, he has many personal contacts in the business world and a record of achieving impressive results for his clients.

    “One of the main benefits of selling a business with Cornerstone is the company's size. We are large enough to be able to offer a very wide and effective marketing package, yet small enough to treat each sale individually and offer a very personal service — at a cost that is often substantially lower than other business sales companies.”

      Barry McNeil

      Barry McNeil Director

      Barry first worked with Derek Burgoyne in 1996 at agents Bruce & Co. He went on to take a senior position with a PLC national business sales agency, specialising in selling licensed trade, catering and hospitality based businesses. With almost 20 years experience of selling businesses Barry offers a unique range of skills, knowledge and expertise to business owners wishing to sell their business.

      “Like my fellow directors I live and breathe business sales and am passionate about offering the highest level of service possible to my clients and achieving sales on their behalf. Having been in the business sales sector for such a long time I can honestly say that I believe the service we offer is far superior than what is offered by many other business sales companies and would welcome the opportunity to explain this further with any business owner who is thinking of selling.”

        Lucy Manson

        Lucy Manson Business Sales Manager

        Lucy has been looking after the administration of business sales at Cornerstone since 2010. Having previously worked for many years as a paralegal in the property departments of leading Edinburgh legal firms her vast experience helps ensure that Cornerstone clients receive a quality and efficient service.

        “As Cornerstone market businesses through a wide variety of websites, publications, newsletters and buyers guides it is important that all marketing is kept updated and relevant. It’s my job to make sure our clients business listings are kept fresh and relevant and that all administration matters are dealt with efficiently. Like the rest of our team I am pleased to offer a quality and bespoke marketing service to our clients.”

          Alasdair McDonald

          Alasdair McDonald Business Sales Advisor

          Alasdair joined the business sales team at Cornerstone after graduating in business management from Robert Gordon University. With a strong interest in all aspects of small business Alasdair enjoys the challenges that business sales brings and is committed to offering Cornerstone clients the very best service possible with a view to achieving outstanding results.

          “Cornerstone sell a wide variety of businesses from small coffee shops to large hotels and everything in between. It is the diversity of business types and the company’s commitment to offering a very personal and individual service to its clients that is superior to other business sales companies that I enjoy most about working at Cornerstone”.